What Does Permanent Knee Protection Really Mean?

Exactly what it says! SQUISH® pads are sewn right into the pants during the manufacturing process. Unlike competitor products, there are no pads to insert or remove. As tested by an independent lab, our SQUISH®technology is waterproof, flame resistant and virtually indestructible so that workpants made by THRIVE Workwear can be home laundered and can withstand Industrial Laundering services. Permanent means full-time knee protection that will always be there when it’s needed. When idle, SQUISH’ pads simply free-float within the pant legs. No more straps, buckles or fasteners wrapped around your legs.

Is SQUISH® Better?

Competitor’s knee pad insert solutions are made from closed cell urethane materials or simply put, foam. Foam absorbs water like a sponge, is flammable and compresses up to 96% from its original state under load. It also breaks down physically when exposed to typical work conditions and environments. Sound like a solution? Hardly. SQUISH® technology compresses to a mere 8% under load and its performance characteristics never change at varying operating temperatures. An independent lab tested SQUISH® from -20oF to 120oF and its physical and performance characteristics remained constant. Foam just cannot match up to SQUISH®technology. With SQUISH®, you can be confident to take a knee on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, rocks or even expanded steel and get the protection and cushioning you expect and deserve. You can’t do that with foam.

How Important is Sizing?

Because SQUISH® are installed permanently, it is important that you order your exact measured inseam size. We utilize a scientific formula to determine the placement of the pad. If you over or under compensate, the pad performance will not be maximized. If you are unsure of your measured inseam size, take a tailor’s measuring tape and measure from the crotch to the ankle bone to determine your inseam.

Is It Normal to Feel The Pads Moving When I Walk?

For many years, workers have been accustomed to wearing external kneepads to protect their knees. We agree, SQUISH® are different and are an entirely new way to protect knees. SQUISH® do not replace the performance characteristics of work pants, they replace the performance characteristics of external strap kneepads. Having 5 ounces of added weight in each pant leg does feel different at first. This effect goes away rather quickly as the user gets used to this feeling. Having the pads in the pants will become second nature and will hardly be noticed. Again, the trade-off is full-time kneepad protection that will always be there when it’s needed.

The Pads Are Positioned Lower Than My Knees. Is This Normal?

YES- we utilize a scientific calculation to determine the correct placement of each pad within the pants based on the human anatomy. When you stand idle, the pads will be slightly lower than your knees and yes, this is different than what you are accustomed to with wearing strap kneepads. SQUISH® will automatically align themselves into their proper place when you bend down to take a knee. The fabric of the pant will actually guide the pads to the correct position to protect and cushion the lower patella and upper tibia bone; the most vulnerable areas that come in contact with the ground or floor. It is recommended that a belt or suspenders be worn to keep trousers in position.

How Long Will The Pants Last?

We use only the highest grade core fabrics for our workpants with kneepads and we like to say that our pants will have the same or better wear rate than any other high quality comparable work pant. The knee area wear life will be extended because the SQUISH® pad absorbs the friction energy when coming in contact with a hard surface. Overall, longevity is based on the individual wearer and the work environment that our product is exposed to. The SQUISH® pads will never degrade or break down.