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The Power of Hex

An array of hexagonal voids along with structural walls is an engineering principal behind our patented SQUISH® technology. Additionally, our scientists have developed a unique formula of polymers along with a proprietary process in which our protective padding is lightweight, indestructible and resistant to mold, heat, moisture and extreme conditions. The honeycomb design principle provides the perfect balance for support, cushioning and protection of human joints and vulnerable areas which are prone to injury and blunt force.

What is Squish Pad Technology

Our team of scientists developed a truly unique protective pad technology that is directly manufactured-in to our work clothing during the assembly process. This innovation is a breakthrough in keeping people safe, comfortable and productive.


Full-time Protection



Laundry Safe

Flame Resistant

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New Fabric Technology







Milled in the USA

Interested in Licensing Opportunities

We would love to share our technology to help solve problems in the world and for people to benefit from the protection that SQUISH® provides. Contact us to see if our technology can be licensed for use in your products.

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