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Our Story

Thrive Workwear is deeply-rooted in research and innovation, crafting products that solve real-life problems in the field with the highest standards of quality in manufacturing.

Our Mission:

Through invention and technology, we create unique workwear products, to help make the workplace a safer place and workers become more productive, efficient and comfortable.

Since 2007, Thrive Workwear’s Founders came from industry trades and recognized a real need for innovation in work apparel. 

Simply put, standard workwear was just clothing with a fancy brand tag and really did not solve worker safety issues.  Our patented SQUISH® Pad Technology revolutionized the way workers protected their knees and solved the negative issues companies were experiencing with their safety initiatives as it related to knee protection.  Having a full-time knee pad installed directly into work pants eliminated the humans-factor of worker’s wanting to wear knee pads.  Our goal is to continue developing our market so that knee pad work pants becomes a standard in workers daily lives across all industries.

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2004 Founded & Incorporated as Woodland Workwear

2007 KNEEDZ® Padded Work Pants Made available

2012 Squish® Pad Technology is invented

2013  Company launches Flame-Resistant products with knee pads built-in

2014  Utility Patent Issued for Squish® Pad Technology

2015 Company Re-Branded as Thrive Workwear

2016 Thrive Workwear Products available through major Laundry Service companies and work apparel distribution partners

2018  Thrive Workwear has 4 additional Utility Patents-pending for other workwear innovation

2019  ActionFlex® Fabric Technology and work pants become available on the new site